Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Call for Expression of Interest (EOI):Experienced and Qualified Data Collectors on Digitizing Courts Proceedings across selected states in Nigeria

Date of EOI: 28th August, 2017

Closing Date of the EOI: 15th September, 2017

Email EOI to: cleen@cleen.org

1. Purpose of Expression of Interest(EOI)

CLEEN Foundation seeks Expression of Interest (EOI) from qualified Civil Society Organizations and Law Firms working in the area of administration of criminal justice in Nigeria to be part of a team who will be responsible for data collection on the digitization of courts proceedings and rulings on corruption cases across selected states in Nigeria (Lagos, Anambra, Ekiti, Abuja, Kaduna, Enugu, Oyo, and Ondo states).

2. Background

Information on court proceedings and court rulings relating to corruption cases is not readily available in the public space. This is coupled with the fact that government actors are yet to embrace the culture of online record keeping. The opportunity presented by this project is that proactive disclosure of information pertaining to court proceedings on corruption will be tracked, documented and disseminated for the use of relevant stakeholders. It is also aimed at improving the efficiency, transparency and impartiality of the Judiciary and other stakeholders in processing corruption cases with respect to the administration of criminal justice system in Nigeria.

  • It is against this background that a competent and reliable state level data collection team is proposed on the CLEEN Foundation Project- “Promoting Accountability and Transparency in the Administration of Criminal Justice System in Nigeria”, for the purpose of collation and documentation of corruption cases at the state level. The team will drive the implementation of the project on the Digitization of Court Proceedings and Rulings. The uwazidocs open source application (a web/mobile-based platform) will be deployed and adapted to enable the data collectors to scan, upload, publish documents and create table of contents while end users can search, filter documents, track changes, cross reference and download documents/court rulings. The data is to be sourced from the state and Federal High Courts in the focal states on a weekly basis.
3. Objective of the Project

To make credible information on the proceedings and rulings on corruption cases available and easily accessible online to stakeholders.

4. Scope of Work
The members of the team will be responsible for the following:

  • Work with court officials and selected partners in the focal states to obtain credible data on court proceedings and rulings relating to corruption, accountability and transparency in the administration of criminal justice system in Nigeria,                                                                                               
  •  The collected data on court rulings on cases of corruption will be uploaded on the online platform.
  • Enhance judicial accountability and transparency in the criminal justice system in Nigeria in line with the provisions of the Administration of Criminal Justice Act, 2015.
5. Requirements 

All interested organizations and firms must submit the following:

1. A Cover Letter with evidence of relevant past work experience(s)  in the area of criminal justice administration;
2. Certificate of Registration in Nigeria;
3. A recent annual report/newsletter; and
4. 2 Referees conversant with the work of the organization or law firm.

6. Submission of Expression of Interest(EOI)

All submissions should be sent to cleen@cleen.org no later than close of business on Friday, 15th September, 2017.  Interested organisations in the selected states are strongly encouraged to apply.
If you have any additional questions about this Call for Expression of Interest (EOI), please email ruth.okugbeni@cleen.org No phone calls please.

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